Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick and Easy Tie Tack Beach Quilt

I like to buy pillowcases and use them to make beach quilts, it's cheap so if they get messed up over the summer it's no big deal to just throw it away and make am new one, also they make great gifts for grand kids :)

Here's how to do it:

 1. Cut your pillow cases into squares (or what ever quilt pattern you chose)

2.For the size of quilt you want use an old soft blanket for the filler ( this goes in between the backing and quilt patches)

3. For your backing you will use a new flat sheet. (make sure to wash first to allow shrinkage, no puckering after the quilt is together).

4. Use yarn (any color you want) for and make 6 inch strings ( about 15 total) use this to quilt your layers together (quilt squares, filling and backing)

5.Take a large quilting needle and using you 6 inch yarn, insert from top and pull through to the back and loop back up through to the top then take your sting and tie off, repeat this through out until you have quilted the entire blanket together.

6. Make a hem around the edges and you have yourself a easy and cheap beach quilt. :D

Hope everyone enjoys my project for today!


  1. Awesome tip. I had one of these growing up :)

  2. Quits are amazing! Following and supporting :D